As I sit and enjoy the last few days of summer, blissful and carefree, I am filled with so much gratitude! All of the amazing trips to a cottage by the lake, weekends with loved ones, catching up with friends, and celebrating new love; my heart is so full!


Daily gratitude became a practice of mine many months ago as a reminder that there is something to be grateful for everyday. Even amongst the disappointment, let downs and chaos there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for or someone to give gratitude to. And let me tell you, this is a life. Changing. Practice.

I’ve always believed myself to be a positive, optimistic person. The glass is half full outlook on life. But, daily gratitudes have completely transformed my outlook. Knowing at the end of the day I am going to write down what I am grateful for makes me so excited. As things happen throughout the day, I capture them in mind and tell myself this needs to be apart of my gratitudes! The practice keeps you accountable, but it also brings so much joy. It is literally a transformative experience. I was listening to a Jen Hatmaker podcast on my way to work one day and her guest was talking about how important it is to change your perception. By doing so, your brain chemistry changes too and you wire yourself to start thinking in a positive way. I immediately thought of my daily gratitude practice and how positively true it is. My outlook on life has completely changed. No matter what I am dealing with that day there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Big or little.

I keep a bullet journal where I record my daily gratitudes and at the end of each season I like to write out highlights. So, I thought it would be fun to share them with all of you! Here are my top 5 highlights of this season:

  1. Getting engaged!!! That’s right, I get to marry my best friend and spend our lives happily ever after.
  2. Our best friend moving back from Alberta and spending all of our time with she and her fiancee this summer.
  3. Camping with our friends
  4. Blissful, relaxing summer days
  5. Being re-energized by the lake.


Of course I have so much to be grateful for this summer, but I wanted to share just a few of my favourites from this season. A while back, I challenged my readers to write out daily intentions, and now I would like to challenge all of you to follow daily gratitudes!


Life’s Loves

Challenge: Share with me your top 5 highlights of this season!



I began writing down daily intentions about 6 months ago… and it completely changed my outlook on life. What I have realized is, that everything comes down to perspective. You wake up and realize you forgot to buy coffee yesterday after you ran out; your car starts making a funny noise; or your boss won’t stop criticizing you. Life comes down to perspective. You have one of two choices, to view these daily occurrences as negative or positive. Its a choice to view these events as terrible inconveniences that will ruin your day. Or you can chose to view these events as speed bumps in your day. The same goes for life’s larger obstacles. Even the most negative experience can be turned into a positive learning opportunity through perspective.

Obviously this practice is much harder said than done. Which is why I am in the practice of setting a daily intention.

A daily intention is a word or a phrase that you can remind yourself of when your day is not running smoothly. It is a practicing of grounding yourself and harnessing the choice of perspective. More often than not my daily intention is to practice patience. Working in a classroom with 22 two and three year olds requires an abundance of patience and when I lose that patience, not only does it ruin the children’s days but it ruins mine as well. So in those moments of total chaos, I take a deep breath and remind myself to have patience.

It is an ongoing practice that does get easier over time. I have found in my life when I set my day up with an intention my perspective is completely shifted. I don’t sweat the small day to day obstacles. Rather, I face these obstacles with a new perspective and ground my day in my intention.

Life’s Loves

My challenge for you is to keep a journal for one week, while setting daily intentions. At the end of each day write down the obstacles that came up for you and how you shifted your attention back to your intention. By tracking your days you will be able to see what a difference intentions make in your day!